We do not provide cheap useless manuals here. We deliver only DeLuxe editions created for your exact car.

How to download from your account

Download instructions.

This procedure apply to Windows computers. For Android it is the same, just use a browser from your smartphone.

For Apple devices, follow the same procedure, with Safari, and save the manual into your Cloud options.

More details for iPhone and iPads download, please read this article: How to download files and documents to iPhone or iPad


1. Login into your account from our website. Use your paypal email address and the password that we send it to your email address.


Login Details

2. Go to your account, in section history order.




3. identify the download button:


Download button


4. Identify the second download button:


Second download button


5. Watch to the download progress:


Download progress



6. Go to your download folder and open the file with Adobe Reader. That is all, thank you for watching.

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