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2010 Audi A5 repair manual

2010 Audi A5 repair manual
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2010 Audi A5 Workshop Manual with Wiring Diagrams

Are you frustrated by not knowing what to do to fix your Audi A5?

With the help of our 2010 Audi A5 workshop manual pdf you can easily identify the cause of the issue and fix it in no time. As the manual covers almost every component repair guide for your A5. Along with step by step instructions and guidance the manual also includes detailed wiring diagrams for better understanding of the electrical system of car, and so that you can efficiently tackle any electrical issue within your A5.

By using this resource to fix your 2010 Audi A5 you can gain better understanding of the inner workings of your car which helps in making any repair task easy.

What were the features included and upgraded in the 2010 Audi A5?

The Audi A5 was first launched in 2007 but in 2010 it got few changes and upgrades with a sporty look and luxurious two door coupe with an additional option for a convertible. The 2010 model year saw various upgrades and changes to this car.

Some of the notable features that were included in the 2010 Audi A5 are as follows:

  • With the introduction of new S line package more sportier styling and handling came out which was available for both convertible models and coupe.
  • The advance availability of Audi key system made locking and unlocking car without the use of key.
  • The 2010 model even saw various upgrades such as engine options, including a supercharged V6 engine which produced 333 horsepower and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine producing 211 horsepower.
  • Even new features such as blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and a rearview camera were to included in the model.
  • Higher quality leather seating and woods inlays were used to provide more luxurious feeling. The 2010 Audi A5 also featured a redesigned center console with improved controls and easier access to essential features.

Why Use a 2010 Audi A5 Workshop Manual?

If you are the one who loves to take care of your car repair and maintenance having the 2010 Audi A5 pdf repair manual is a must. By having this manual you get the access to detailed instructions and wiring diagrams that can help you maintain your A5 overall health.

Save Time and Money

By using the Audi A5 service manual you can potentially save lot of money and time in the long run. As instead of taking your car to the mechanic every single time you can easily diagnose and fix the issue within your A5 with the help of repair manual step by step instructions and guidance. This helps in saving thousands of dollars that would be unnecessarily spent on mechanics labor fees and even save time waiting for your appointment to come. To provide more ease touse the manual also includes various features that helps in easy navigation to any section of manual while performing any specific task such as index tables, hyperlinks, interactive links and bookmarks.

Better Understanding of Your Vehicle

Having a car introduces you with a lot of responsibilities to maintain and better understand your A5 inner workings. The 2010 Audi A5 OEM Repair Manual provides you with all the important information that is needed to understand the working of your A5. This type of detailed and comprehensive knowledge can help you easily tackle any repair task on your Audi A5 quickly and efficiently without getting frustrated.

Using the Wiring Diagrams provided in the Audi A5 Service Manual:

Any workshop manual pdf is incomplete without the wiring diagrams and same applies for our manual too. In our manual you can find detailed wiring diagrams that are well labeled and coded for better understanding. To provide full coverage of each and every electrical circuit present in Audi A5 the manual spans over 8,000 pages of which 3,000 plus are dedicated to wiring diagrams.

  • Identifying Electrical Issues: By the help of wiring diagrams you can easily locate the fault in your car without wasting time guessworking and fix the issue within minutes. With this kind of information you can easily save time and money and even keep your car running smoothly for years to come.
  • Understanding Circuit Functioning: Apart from identifying any electrical issues easily the diagrams also provide valuable understanding of your 2010 Audi A5 that can help you in easily troubleshooting any issues with your car. Even it can be useful when you want to make any upgrade or modification to your A5 electrical system.

Tips for Using a Repair Manual

While A5/S5- 8T,8T3,8TA Audi AG genuine factory manual are incredibly useful tools, there are a few tips to keep in mind when using them:

  • Read through the entire manual before starting any repairs: By using the manual you get better understanding of your A5 inner system as how they work together and many other things.
  • Use the correct tools and follow safety precautions: APart from all those technical information you also get the safety precautions which you need to follow as working on your A5 can be dangerous sometimes.

What are you waiting for? Get your 2010 Audi A5 Workshop Manual with Wiring Diagrams now! And become an expert in repairing and maintaining your Audi A5 from 2010!!!

Typical table of contents:

  • Vehicle-specific information
  • Maintenance
  • Engine
  • Servicing engine
  • Technical data for engines
  • Fuel supply system
  • Automatic gearbox
  • Manual gearbox
  • Servicing automatic gearbox
  • Servicing manual gearbox
  • Running gear, front-wheel drive, and four-wheel drive
  • Rear final drive
  • Brake system
  • Specifications for testing the braking force
  • Heating, air conditioning
  • Auxiliary heater
  • Body Repairs
  • Body repairs, exterior
  • Body repairs, interior
  • Trailer Operation Guide
  • Wheels and tires

Wiring Diagrams table of contents

  • Wiring Diagrams for exact VIN
  • Fitting instructions: radio communication systems
  • Communication
  • Electrical system
  • DTC List

Engines covered in our 2010 Audi A5/S5 repair manuals:

4-cylinder TDI engine (2.0 ltr. 4-valve common rail - generation II) CJCA CJCB CGLC CGLD CMGB  CMFA CJCC CMFB CJCD
4-cylinder TDI engine (2.0 ltr. 4-valve common rail) CAGA CAGB CAHB CAHA CAGC  CMEA
4-cylinder TDI engine, 2.0 ltr. 4-valve common rail (EA 288 Gen. I) CNHA CNHC CSUA CSUB
4-cylinder direct injection engine (1.8, 2.0 ltr. 4-valve TFSI - generation II) CABB CABA CABD CDHA CDHB  CDNB CDNC CCUA CAEB CDZA CAEA CADA CFKA CPMA CPMB CAED
4-cylinder direct injection engine (1.8, 2.0 ltr. 4-valve TFSI - generation III) CJEB CNCD CJED CNCE CJEE  CUHA CUJA
6-cylinder TDI engine (2.7 ltr.; 3.0 ltr. 4-valve common rail) CAMA CAPA CAMB CCWA CCWB  CGKB CGKA CCLA
6-cylinder TDI engine (3.0 ltr. 4-valve common rail - generation II) CLAB CDUC CKVB CKVC CKVD
6-cylinder direct injection engine with supercharger (3.0 ltr. 4-valve TFSI) CAKA CCBA CGXC CGWC CMUA  CHMB CTUB
6-cylinder direct injection engine with supercharger (3.0 ltr. 4-valve TFSI, EA837evo) CREC CTDA CRED
6-cylinder direct petrol injection engine (3.2 ltr. 4-valve) CALA
8-cylinder direct injection engine (4.2 ltr. 4-valve, RS 4, RS 5) CFSA
8-cylinder direct injection engine (4.2 ltr. 4-valve) CAUA

Transmissions covered by our 2010 Audi A5/S5 service manual:

6-speed manual gearbox 0B1, front-wheel drive
6-speed manual gearbox 0B2, four-wheel drive
6-speed manual gearbox 0B3, front-wheel drive
6-speed manual gearbox 0B4, four-wheel drive
7-speed dual clutch gearbox 0B5 (S tronic)
8-speed automatic gearbox 0BK, four-wheel drive
Automatic gearbox 0B6, four-wheel drive
multitronic 0AW, front-wheel drive

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